I am a fulltime security officer but I used to be a multimedia developer for over 14 years. I'm a bit of a code junkie in my spare time and taught myself a cool program called Blender. I'm a huge audiophile and an oldskool gamer.

The Sergeant

27 March 2023 | Forza Horizon 5

Allow me to introduce you to “The Sergeant” – a beloved classic and my go-to creation every time I dive into a new Forza Horizon adventure.

The genesis of this iconic ride traces back to the very first glimpse of the Forza Horizon trailer, where the rugged silhouette of the Ford Bronco caught my eye and ignited a spark of inspiration. It was as if destiny had spoken, beckoning me to transform this formidable vehicle into something truly special.

Drawing upon my passion for customization and a touch of creative flair, I set out to breathe life into “The Sergeant.” With every brushstroke and tweak, I sculpted this Bronco into a powerhouse of style and performance – a fitting tribute to its namesake.

From its commanding presence on the open road to its unrivaled performance in the heat of competition, “The Sergeant” embodies the spirit of adventure and the thrill of the chase that defines the world of Forza Horizon.

So here’s to “The Sergeant,” a steadfast companion in the pursuit of glory, and a testament to the endless possibilities that await on the horizon.