I am a fulltime security officer but I used to be a multimedia developer for over 14 years. I'm a bit of a code junkie in my spare time and taught myself a cool program called Blender. I'm a huge audiophile and an oldskool gamer.

Jordan 1 – Akira concept

22 August 2022 | Photoshop

Today I ran across a design by someone on Pinterest that kinda sparked my creativity. As a younger version I always was into sneakers. I was kinda a sneakerhead to be honest. One of my favourites and still one of my favourite sneaker today is the Jordan 1 by Nike. I had many different colours of them over the years. But on Pinterest I found someone who put a custom touch to it.

I’ve always been amazed by the graphics from the movie Akira, I love that style so much. So I thought, why not combine my two favourite things? Who knows, maybe this will be something that I will be trying to make myself someday. Bless!