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My name is Ferry Tesselaar (it's a dutch name). I am a fulltime security officer,
ex-multimedia developer, code junkie, self-taught Blender artist, huge audiophile and an oldskool gaming enthousiast.

Satisfactory -The World Eater version 3.4

07 August, 2022

Update 3

So the new update has been released for the stable version. And my position of the base was correct, but miscalculated the item amount. So I deleted everything (again) and started over. This time the base is insane. Grid-wise it’s 41 x 9 so it has room for 100 items (just in case Coffee Stain Studios decide to add more items in future updates). I’m still not storing the radio active stuff in this base.

Also started on creating one of the harvest factories. Stay tuned!

Update 2

So I worked a bit on the production floor using a group of constructors to create various products. I really like the way the lighting looks in here!

Update 1

So I started with the gallery. Using some tricks to keep it a bit interesting. As you can see I want to create a large wall with containers that would hold all the products I need to produce stuff. Lighting in the game is a bit meh! Luckily the developers gave us monitors that can be tricked into being lights.

Adding them to the ceiling just create some pretty lighting if I may say so myself. I also wanted to created some kind of elevator system using the hyper tubes. I really like the way it looks, especially the fact that you can see all the products being transported through the conveyor belts.


Let’s start by saying that Satisfactory is the best factory game I have ever played but also the most time consuming game I have ever played in my life. I discovered the game when I was watching ImKibitz on YouTube. Boy, that guy got some serious O.C.D. To be honest, I got the same thing. I don’t know if it’s me or that the game developed that.

When I first started playing the game, it was pretty empty compared to what it is today. It was (and still is) in its alpha stage which means that the game is still under constant development. With that in mind comes one of my biggest hold-backs. On update 3 and update 5 the map got some pretty big updates, meaning that your base could end up half in a mountain or floating of the air.

Knowing that update 6 is coming pretty soon and that they have updated the map again drastically I’m a bit hesitant to start a new base. Especially what I have in mind; Building a mega base.

The goal is to centralize the production in order to create a huge gallery that displays all the products (except the radioactive stuff) and is self-supplying. Meaning that every product that is being displayed in the gallery is been produced somewhere in the tower itself. That means that I have to figure out to get all the materials in the tower somehow. Then create a tower big enough to house all the machines to produce the different products.

The plan is to create the ultimate World Eater. Extract all resources that the world is offering then add hubs at various locations on the map to gather the materials and then put them on a transport towards the tower.

The other thing is to figure out where to place the space elevator and create a solution to produce the needed materials for the space elevator as well. Maybe make a little tower and place the elevator on top of that. But that’s for in the future. First the gallery tower!