I am a fulltime security officer but I used to be a multimedia developer for over 14 years. I'm a bit of a code junkie in my spare time and taught myself a cool program called Blender. I'm a huge audiophile and an oldskool gamer.

Introduction | The World Eater 3.6.0

03 March 2023 | Satisfactory

Many years ago I stumbled upon a game called Satisfactory and it has been eating away many hours of my life, but I really don’t care because it’s just a lovely game to play.

For those who don’t know what this game is about: Satisfactory is a first-person, factory building game that allows you to harvest all kinds of resources and turn them into products. The idea behind the game is to make all of these products and do it in the most efficient way possible.

I have been playing this game ever since the first release and I have seen many changes and also a lot of improvements. I also watched people like ImKibitz on YouTube who create some awesome stuff. This wanted me to make a mega base myself. But it also inspires me to keep developing my own skills. So now it’s time to start my own mega project.

So what is this World Eater?

  • The World Eater will use all the maps resource nodes and it will rip them all of their resources. I am not going to overclock them.
  • Each Miner will have there own smelting facility (if needed) before it will be distributed throughout the map.
  • There will be a central hall or gallery where all the in-game items that can be crafted will be displayed and stored for future use.
  • Each product will get there own factory trying to squeeze out as much resources as possible.
  • Each factory will be connected through a network of hubs distributing the products all over the map (by trains, drones and/or trucks)
  • A transportation tube system will be constructed to get from one place to the other without walking or sliding around.

Website updates

I finally got some sort of website done so I can finally focus myself on creating content. I am aiming for a weekly update. But if I manage to release other content sooner I will.