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Coal power | The World Eater 3.6.0

26 March 2023 | Satisfactory

I have been playing Satisfactory again the last couple of days. I have started a new game (again) and skipped the first part. Then, after a lot of manual labour, I finally managed to have enough resources to build myself a proper coal powered power-station again.

I have found one pure coal node near my starting position. This node gives me 480 coal per minute. Coal generators consume 15 coal/min and 45 water/min, therefore I needed to build 32 coal generators. Consuming all of the 480 coal/min and 1440 water/min.

I still need to work on the belts and the pipework. Also I need to dress it up a little bit to make it better looking and then we finally don’t have to cut down trees anymore and feed them manually to the Biomass burners!

To be continued!