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The lady in blue

03 April 2023 | Forza Horizon 3

Introducing an oldie but a goodie: the iconic “Lady in blue” paintjob, a timeless favorite that still holds a special place in my heart.

The inspiration for this masterpiece struck me when I stumbled upon a captivating image by the talented artist Rockfield on DeviantArt. Mesmerized by the sheer elegance and allure of the artwork, I knew I had to bring it to life in the world of Forza Horizon.

With Rockfield’s image fueling my imagination, I embarked on a journey of creativity, meticulously translating the essence of the “Lady in Red” onto the digital canvas. Every stroke, every hue, was a labor of love – a tribute to the artist’s vision and my passion for bringing dreams to life in the virtual realm.

As the paintjob took shape, I found myself enamored by its beauty and sophistication. The deep crimson hues, the subtle interplay of light and shadow—all coming together to capture the essence of the original artwork in a whole new way. It quickly became one of my proudest creations, a testament to the power of inspiration and the endless possibilities of artistic expression in Forza Horizon.

So here’s to the “Lady in blue,” a timeless symbol of elegance and grace, and a reminder that sometimes, the classics never go out of style.