I am a fulltime security officer but I used to be a multimedia developer for over 14 years. I'm a bit of a code junkie in my spare time and taught myself a cool program called Blender. I'm a huge audiophile and an oldskool gamer.

RCC 2023 – South Park Vagisil livery

03 May 2024 | Forza Horizon 5

Welcome to the Retro Cartoon Contest, where imagination meets nostalgia in the wonderful world of Forza Horizon 5! Hosted annually on the Forza forum by Snakeeyes Friex, this contest celebrates the vibrant charm of classic cartoons from the year 2000 and earlier.

This year, I embarked on a creative journey inspired by one of the most iconic animated series of all time: South Park. Drawing inspiration from the unforgettable episode ‘Poor and Stupid’, I created my version of the Vagisil livery, infusing it with the essence of the beloved South Park universe.

But why stop there? With a passion for detail and a love for the characters that defined a generation, I went above and beyond, incorporating over 40 beloved South Park characters into the design. From Cartman to Kenny, every shape was a tribute to the irreverent spirit of the show.

As the shapes clicked into place and the vibrant colors adorned the canvas of my car, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of nostalgia and creativity. This contest isn’t just about competition; it’s about celebrating the magic of animation and the joy it brings to our lives.

Join me in this journey down memory lane as we pay homage to the cartoons that shaped our childhoods and continue to inspire us today. And who knows? Maybe next year, it’ll be your livery that steals the show and captures the hearts of fans everywhere.

Car: Toyota gumout 2JZ Camry Stock car 2010
Share code: 231 166 569

The Sergeant

27 March 2023 | Forza Horizon 5

Allow me to introduce you to “The Sergeant” – a beloved classic and my go-to creation every time I dive into a new Forza Horizon adventure.

The genesis of this iconic ride traces back to the very first glimpse of the Forza Horizon trailer, where the rugged silhouette of the Ford Bronco caught my eye and ignited a spark of inspiration. It was as if destiny had spoken, beckoning me to transform this formidable vehicle into something truly special.

Drawing upon my passion for customization and a touch of creative flair, I set out to breathe life into “The Sergeant.” With every brushstroke and tweak, I sculpted this Bronco into a powerhouse of style and performance – a fitting tribute to its namesake.

From its commanding presence on the open road to its unrivaled performance in the heat of competition, “The Sergeant” embodies the spirit of adventure and the thrill of the chase that defines the world of Forza Horizon.

So here’s to “The Sergeant,” a steadfast companion in the pursuit of glory, and a testament to the endless possibilities that await on the horizon.

RCC XI 2022 | Beavis & Butthead

26 December 2022 | Forza Horizon 5

A new year, a new Retro Cartoon Contest. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to enter because I don’t play Forza that much lately and I paint cars in Forza even less. But I still support my buddy SnakeEyes Friex for all the effort he put in these contests, so I couldn’t resist.

For this year I picked Beavis & Butthead as my theme. I watched a lot of their shows back in the 90’s. This paint brought back a lot of happy memories. For a colour scheme I borrowed the colours of the logo design for the contest created by Snakeeyes Friex.

Car wise; I wanted a car with dual taillights so I went for the Nissan Skyline R34 (one of my favourite cars) but because of the texture issues with all of the Skylines in the game I decided to swith it to the Corvette.
Paint wise; I found a picture a while back of a Nissan Skyline where somebody used the taillights for eyes (I believe it was Sponge Bob). I thought that was hilarious and always wanted to create a car for Forza with the same concept. I started on one a while back but I never got to finish it. But now I had a new change.

The thought: I found a screenshot of the movie “Beavis & Butthead – Do the Universe” and thought that would work perfectly for the back. I also wanted to put them head banging on the side of the car and then “The Great Cornholio” on the hood (or bonnet). To dress it up a little I found a nice geometric design for the background that I could use with the colour pallet.

The “Mad Panda”

07 November 2021 | Forza Horizon 5

A new Forza Horizon game has hit the shelves, beckoning players to embark on an exhilarating journey through Mexico!

Just like its predecessors, this installment offers the tantalizing choice of three iconic cars: the Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray, the Ford Bronco, and the Toyota GR Supra. For me, the Supra emerged as the clear frontrunner for my adventures.

Setting the stage for countless customizations to follow, I envisioned a sleek, attention-grabbing paint job. Drawing inspiration came while I was working, I embarked on the process, opting for the classic approach of sketching by hand. Thus, the concept of the Mad Panda was born—a monochrome masterpiece featuring a fiercely determined panda.

Eager to elevate this design to the next level, I decided to incorporate a flip-flop paint scheme, transitioning seamlessly from a striking grey to a vibrant red. Under the perfect lighting conditions, the panda’s eyes and the accompanying lettering would illuminate in a glowing red, adding a dynamic flair to the overall aesthetic.

The final result exceeded my expectations. This Mad Panda paint job is an absolute winner!

Forza Horizon 4 | RCC 2021

20 December 2020 | Forza Horizon 4, Forza Horizon 5

Retro Cartoon Contest number 10 is a fact! Snakeeyes Friex celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Retro Cartoon Contest this year! I can’t believe it has been 10 years already.

So what is a Retro Cartoon Contest (RCC)?

The Retro Cartoon Contest or RCC for short, was created by Snakeeyes Friex for the racing game Forza Motorsports. This racing game has an in-game livery editor that allows you to place some basic shapes on your car to make them look sporty and racy. Over the years the livery editor was evolved into a bigger library with more shapes. But that basics remains the same.

But if you let creative people use these basic shapes. They tend to push the bounderies a little bit to see what you can do with it. Same goes for my buddy Snakeeyes who now is one of the best painters out there. The quickest for sure. People like Snakeeyes manage to create stuff that even the developers of the game didn’t even knew that it was possible. Like this Halo livery created by Snakeeyes Friex.

But everybody knows that when you are creative you sometimes end up with a “creative block”. To be more inspirited and motivated, Snakeeyes Friex came up with a paint challenge for the Forza community which started on the official Forza Motorsports forum. He came up with the Retro Cartoon Contest; a contest let you choose your favorite retro cartoon from the “good old days” and place them onto a car. He even have arranged some awesome prices to win in this competition as well.

Eek the Cat

I entered almost every contest. My entry this year was Eek-the-Cat. Eek wasn’t my favourite cartoon in the 90’s but it hold some good memories dating back to my days at art school. As a offset printing assignment I created a print with Eek the Cat on it. Creating the paint on the car definitely brought back some memories back again.

On the moment of paint I had the biggest difficulty motivating myself into creating the paint. I haven’t painted a car in Forza for a long time and I had zero inspiration and wouldn’t like spending many hours of painting again. But this was a special edition, edition 10! I was also suffering from some mental issues that wasn’t helpful either. But I wound’t let Snakeeyes Friex down, so I went for it.

When I was at my work I came up with a idea for the design. I started to sketch out the idea on paper and when I got back home I started to compose this into digital artwork using Illustrator. An idea was born.


I based my design on a original race livery for a Chevrolet Corvette. I modified the livery a little bit and give it a different colour scheme and started to come up with a idea to incorporate the characters.

I also wanted to incorporate a little Easter egg myself; Annabel, the girlfriend of Eek. In the cartoon, when Eek shows off pictures of his girlfriend Annabel, he always gets the same response of them. Wow, she’s… big. Therefore I wanted to put Annabel in the background as big as possible.  As far as colour scheme goes I tried many different combinations. I ended up with a matte finish with carbon fibre and purple. I also wanted to avoid the use of masks as much a possible because of some glitches but I only made it harder for me in the long run and it didn’t really mattered in the end that much I think.


This year I didn’t got any votes as far as I know. It’s not the best work I did but I also think that people didn’t understood how much work there is in this paint. It looks pretty simple but it all but that. Taking screenshots isn’t my best hobby as well. This also helps a lot selling the paint but I was barely to finish it on time and it’s as much as I was able to accomplish at that time.