OBISTYLE: Urban Perfection
Ferry Tesselaar
It's dutch if you're wondering. I am a fulltime security officer, ex-graphics developer, code junkie, self-taught Blender 3d artist, huge audiophile and an oldskool gaming enthousiast.

Blender sessions | The livingroom

12 August, 2022

Update 1.05

So I had some more time on hands and started to create some more furniture and other details. I just need to learn how to create a proper sofa because this is not working for me at the moment. Other then that I think I got on the right track. Up to the next update!


Satisfactory – World Eater 3.4

07 August, 2022

Update 2

So I worked a bit on the production floor using a group of constructors to create various products. I really like the way the lighting looks in here!


Retro Cartoon Contest 2021

27 March, 2022

Snakeeyes Friex has put together the 10th anniversary of the Retro Cartoon Contest! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already.

So what is a Retro Cartoon Contest (RCC)?

The RCC competition was created by Snakeeyes Friex for the creative community of the video-game Forza Motorsports. This is a Xbox only racing game that has been around ever since the first Xbox. It also had a nifty little livery editor in which you can create your own racing stripes. It’s a very basic editor with your basic shapes: block, circle, triangle.

The thing with creative people is that they always find a way. Also with this editor, even with just the basic shapes people are able to create the most amazing paint jobs you have ever seen. As the game develops over the years the editor didn’t changed that much other then they added some more layers that where allowed to use.

The level these days is just amazing. People are producing photo realistic paints that even have the developers question how that is even possible. Snakeeyes Friex is one of these artists that belong to the category of incredible artists. He is one of the quickest painters out there and also extremely creative.

But everybody knows that sometimes with creativity come a “creative block”. To be more inspirited and motivated Snakeeyes Friex came up with a paint challenge for the Forza community which started on the Forza Forum. He came with the Retro Cartoon Contest. A contest that let you paint your favourite cartoon characters from the old days onto a car and show it off to the world. He even have arranged some awesome prices to win as well. All more then enough reasons to join I say. And I have been competing in these competitions for almost every edition.

Eek the Cat

My entry for this year was Eek-the-Cat. Eek wasn’t my favourite cartoon in the 90’s but it hold some good memories for me dating back to art school. As a offset printing assignment I created a printart with Eek on it. Creating the paint on the car definitely brought back some memories again.

I just had the biggest difficulty motivating myself into creating the paint. I haven’t painted in a long time. I had zero inspiration and didn’t like spending many hours of painting a car like this. But it was a special edition. I wound’t let Snakeeyes Friex down. So I went for it.

At my work I came up with a sketch. Back at home I started to compose the artwork digitally and an idea was formed.


I based my design on a original race livery for a Chevrolet Corvette. I modified the livery a little bit and give it a different colour scheme and started to come up with a idea to incorporate the characters.

I also wanted to incorporate a little Easter egg with Annabel, the girlfriend of Eek. In the cartoon, when Eek shows pictures of his girlfriend Annabel to others, he always gets the same reaction of them. Wow, she’s… big. Therefore I wanted to put Annabel in the background as big as possible.  As far as colour scheme goes I tried many different combinations. I ended up with a matte finish with carbon fibre and purple. I also wanted to avoid the use of masks as much a possible because of some glitches but I only made it harder for me and didn’t really mattered that much I think.


This year I didn’t got any votes as far as I know. It’s not the best work I did but I also think that people didn’t understood how much work there is in this paint. It looks pretty simple but it all but that. Taking screenshots isn’t my best hobby as well. This also helps a lot selling the paint but I was barely to finish it on time and it’s as much as I was able to accomplish at that time.